Online pokies – growing trend 

You watched some gambling movies such as: “James Bond series”, “Rounders” and “21” and you thought in some point of your life – Hey, I could try this. But who has time to go to casinos, especially when you never been in that surrounding. But, it’s a 21st century. And when we talk about modern times and the fact how internet changed all of our lives, we can’t but to ask ourselves a question – Can we gamble on the internet as well? If we can order food, furniture, clothes and if we can communicate with people from the whole world, why we couldn’t also play these amusing games and score some money. Well, the answer is, yes of course! It’s never been easier to win some money online, from the comfort and security of your home. As a matter of a fact, online pokies is a growing trend and you probably saw that, when you google searched this. So, if pokies are your “poison“ here are some things you should know about playing them online. 

  • how-to-increase-300x169The name and the origin

As you know, pokies (slang for poker machine) is not the only term. You may know it also as a slot machine, informally fruit machine, puggy, the slots, or simply slot and one-armed bandits. In 1885 the very first slot machine was created by Charles Fay. The popularity of the machine grew so much that he began a slot machine factory in 1896. His ingenuity changed the world of gambling forever.

Now with so much computers and technology advance you can easily play fruit machines or also known as slots or online pokies on mobile phones.

  • You could learn to play for free

Ok, you are not impressed with the whole online thing, so you don’t want to jump in something new and unfamiliar. No biggy. You can first learn how to play, and don’t lose any money. Some sites also provides you the easiest experience in playing their games by creating desktop icons of your favourite online pokie. The amusment doesn’t stop there. If you bored with that pokie, you can find another one with different graphics and interface. You can also play your favourite tv show themed pokie. For example, there are available pokies with Game of Thrones theme or The Walking Dead theme.

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  • gf-25702152Smoking and drinking

If you want to avoid smoking bans and if you want to stop paying for overpriced drinks than online gaming (in this case, online pokies) is for you. If you were in the casino, you would spoil the game for other players by smoking your cigarette. At home you wouldn’t spoil anything. Maybe only the comfort of your household, but they already got used to it. Also, you don’t have to give all your winnings to waitresses and hostesses by paying a lot for few drinks. You can simply buy few cans of beer from your bottle shop and enjoy.

  • Privacy issues

Maybe you are a loner and you want to drop human contact to a bare minimum. There are all kind of problems in casinos. It’s a loud place with many people. That’s also not a problem with online pokies sites. You can play with safety, security and confidence. On these sites, there are also privacy safety laws, so they will let you know upfront, what you’re getting yourself into.