What do we know about online casinos 

One of my favourite tv shows is Las Vegas starring: Josh Duhamel, James Caan, Vanessa Marcil, Molly Sims, Nikki Cox and James Lesure. I watched all five seasons and I loved it. For those who didn’t watch, the show focuses on a team of people working at the fictional Montecito Resort & Casino dealing with issues that arise within the working environment, ranging from valet parking and restaurant management to casino security. The show is cool, that’s a fact, but it got me thinking about how popular is online gambling? vegas-burj-al-arabIf you would imagine a show about online casinos, probably it would have never been made. Casinos are most commonly built near or combined with hotels, restaurants, retail shopping, cruise ships or other tourist attractions. That’s a lot of pretty stuff that common people like to see and that’s one of the reason why Las Vegas was popular. What would you have in a show about online casinos? Bunch of guys sitting at their desks and working something on computers that nobody understands. But life is not a tv show. Researching this subject, I found out some interesting things about online casinos and online gambling.

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a_Gambling-1According to some sites, mobile gambling is a fast-growing industry. Over the past few years, there have been many reports released quoting statistics, facts and figures about the mobile gambling industry that seem to defy belief and perhaps even run counter to logic. Sounds odd but globally, there are now 6.8 billion active mobile subscriptions in the world, and this does not take into account users who may own a tablet device, but only use it via WiFi. So you could say that if you have iPhone, android or tablet it’s pretty easy to go on a site and play one of your favourite table games.

For you who don’t know, in casinos, the term table game is used to distinguish games such as blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat that are played on a table, from games played on a mechanical device like a video slot machine. But if you think about it, all this shouldn’t be a surprise. When you were kid, you learned to play poker with actual cards. Most of the kids learns everything on their personal computers. So probably, if they wanted to learn how to play this table game, they googled it and then logged into some site an play for money. Unavoidable fact is that online gambling has paved the way for millions of gamblers to enjoy their favorite casino game without the need to go to Monte Carlo or Atlantic City.

So what this means? Is online casino new place to make some money for us who are not so rich? Maybe if you are lucky or you know what to do. Maybe if you know everything about poker or blackjack. Hell, I even heard that some guy in Europe place a bet on who would be his next president. And he won 5000 dollars while sitting at his house. The bottom line of all this is that online gambling provides people with an opportunity to play their favorite casino game outside of brick and mortar casinos.

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