Android pokies – new way of fun

Do you know what I’v been enjoying recently? Pokies. No, I’m not talking about female nipples! I am talking about game called pokies. Actually, that’s a shorter term for poker machine even though I’m talking about a slot machine. I know, it sounds weird. You know what’s even weider, Scots have there own name and it’called puggy. So if you’re thinking about visiting Scotland, you know one thing more about Scottish people. I learned this while I was doing some research about the game itself and I learned that the first slot machine was created in 19th century. When people talk about discoveries from this century, everyone mention the x-ray, theory of evolution, periodic table and not this. I think that’s not okay because when you watch casinos on tv you can see how this game is popular. Surely people would be more fascinating by the game itself if they knew when was created and by whom. Ok, they don’t wanna know who created, they just wanna play it. But more importantly, I didn’t know that this game is so popular, and that there is a lot of different versions of this game. I’m talking about android pokies I didn’t saw if this kind of games exist for iPhone users but I’m sure they exist. Anyway here are some android pokies that I find. 

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  • Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones is proving to be a blockbuster hit amongst android pokies players. The figures and the scenes have been taken from the famous TV series. The fictional background that has been created to give life to the game has been taken from seven kingdoms of Westeros.

  • Tomb Raider

This game has been inspired by the block buster and old PlayStation game Tomb Raider and it promises to take you on a ride filled with adventure. You will have to battle against the elements and find your way to the top.

  • downloadThunderstruck

The legend of Thor comes to life in this 5-reel, 9-payline slot. Thor himself stars as the Wild symbol, which doubles your payout when completing a winning combination. Free spins can be retriggered if the scatter symbols land during the round. And if only two scatter symbols appear, you’re still a winner.

  • Mermaids Millions

Discover glittering treasures at the bottom of the sea in this five-reel, nine-payline slot game. In a fantastical setting, you will have to swim with the mermaids into the heart of the ocean to see if you can spot the main prize. Seahorses, Oysters and Lobsters make up the scene of the game and also provide the hurdles to winning the big prize.

  • Slotomania

The fruit has gone mad in Slotomania! There are 80,000 coins up for grabs in this 5 reel 14 payline pokie. This classic game has been given a facelift and is up to date!

So you see how this can be really fun. Especially for android users. The great thing about Android mobile and tablet devices has been their ability to support flash. You can say that the future certainly looks bright for Android users. Not only has the Android app store now offering more apps than Apple, but  research recently released into the public domain shows that the vast majority of developers now view Android as the most popular software platform.

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